Introducing: Valley Bee Café!

Introducing: Valley Bee Café!

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing holiday spent with loved ones. Did you make any New Years resolutions or goals to tackle in 2019? The start of this year is already off to a huge start for Paradis Valley!

As some of you already have guessed over on our Instagram page, we are expanding the Paradis Valley Honey farm by introducing our very own agri-tourism café! Our hamlet of Watino and the surrounding communities may be small, but they have always been supportive of our local honey business. To build upon this support, we wanted to provide a space for everyone to come together and enjoy local, homemade beverages and goodies while exploring the world of beekeeping. Renovations have been under way since October, and our opening date is projected for early February. Take a look at some of the progress we have made!

Valley Bee Cafe - Progress Picture of lighting going in
Valley Bee Cafe - Progress Picture of primary room
Valley Bee Cafe - Progress Picture of light fixtures
Valley Bee Cafe - Progress Picture of counters and shelving
We were delighted to announce last week that Cole Fehr, local to the community, has joined our team as the café barista! More details will be released over the next few weeks, such as the official opening date, menu items, hours, and more. Plus, you can expect another blog update early next week sharing details about the awesome beverage companies we have partnered with (and a sneak peek of what we will be serving!).
Valley Bee Cafe Counter with honey and pollen on display

Our latest progress – we can’t wait to officially open!

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