Taking fundraising to the next level: Make money, save time, choose quality

Taking fundraising to the next level: Make money, save time, choose quality

We’ve noticed that most fundraising products available to Canadians are unhealthy or simply products people don’t want. BEE the change they say… so we did just that!

At Paradis Valley Honey, we wanted to set a new industry standard and provide organizations with a healthy and sustainable option, created top to bottom right here in Canada.


Image of Raw Honey and Bee Pollen
From the beginning, we aligned ourselves with our brand promise. To produce quality raw honey and pollen through safe, sustainable methods while raising awareness of our industry through education and fundraising.

If we were to go ahead with the creation of a fundraiser we wanted to make it a MUCH better experience for those awesome individuals who are giving their time and energy to their organization. As parents and volunteers ourselves we have a ton of personal experience dealing with the many fundraisers you have all come to know well; from that experience, we were dedicated to creating something better. Strong profit margins and simplicity were at the forefront of our minds as we designed the Honey Money Fundraising process.

We were very excited to be able to offer healthy, sustainable provisions to families, as well as sneak in some “giving back”, with our foodbank donation add on. A huge part of why Honey Money Fundraising was created, is because we at Paradis Valley Honey, value giving back.

With our Honey Money Fundraiser, you give families the ability to promote healthy living & avoid selling things they really don’t need. We’ve designed an outstanding media kit that provides you with all the support materials and online goodies you could possibly want to make your fundraiser a huge success; you are well supported from start to finish! Knowing you are offering a quality health product produced right here in Canada by generational beekeepers makes fundraising feel good.

We wanted to add something fresh (literally) to the market of fundraising options, and we’ve done so while giving you 30% profits to make it desirably profitable for your organization. It’s also a huge bonus that by going with our fundraiser you are helping to sustain the care of honey bees!

We are very proud of this super simple start to finish fundraising concept and we invite you to fill in an application on our website for a chance at a spot in this fresh fundraising alternative.
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