Revealing The 2023 Spring+Summer BUZZ BOX 🐝☀️

Revealing The 2023 Spring+Summer BUZZ BOX 🐝☀️

It's time to reveal the 2023

Spring+Summer BUZZ BOX 🐝☀️

The sun is shining brighter and the excitement for spring is bubbling up inside all of us! Soon enough we will be shifting into warmer weather and so it's time to reveal our Spring Summer Buzz Box.
We really wanted the Spring+Summer Buzz Box 🐝☀️ to invite in fresh energy after what can feel like a long season of hibernation for many. We are proud to bring you a box filled with items that inspire a full life. This box will support you on your journey to healthier living with intention. All of the handpicked goodies will give you a lasting glow from the inside out!
This seasonal box was curated with 14 hand picked items that we absolutely love! They are ideal for establishing an effective self care routine, gifting for Mother's Day, or sharing with friends and family. All of these products are from Canadian owned businesses which makes everything that much sweeter!
Whether you are looking to spice up your personal care, show your mama some love or spoil a line up of friends and family; this box is sure to impress!  
Well let's dig in and see what's inside this amazing box 🐝☀️ valued at over $245.00. 

Inside Your Spring+Summer



Bee Themed Mason Jar Tumbler

by: Mason Jar Merchant

These ADORABLE | eco-friendly | dishwasher safe | non-porous | non-toxic | easily & endlessly recyclable | air & water tight | easy to clean | portable | practical | pretty| versatile | hot & cold safe |

Bee Pollen

Considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods; rich in protein & packed with vitamins. Giving you sustained energy for the active life you crave.

Bee Kind Tote

A large reusable tote for juggling all of the things with a ring of positivity! It's the perfect bag for a beach day, picnic or trip to the grocery store.

Raw Honey

It has more medicinal and nutritional benefits than most foods available. With antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, raw honey is a leader in immune support and can be used to treat wounds and burns.

The Daily Joy Journal

by: Jillian Schecher

The Daily Joy Journal™ is a lifestyle. It is about living and breathing JOY. Thoughtful daily writing prompts support new ways of thinking as you tap into mindfulness, practice deep gratitude, and wake up to a life that feels good. It is less about DO-ing and more about BEE-ing.

Hand Crafted Body Soaps x2

Quality soap your skin will love! You will soon be doing a double take in the mirror once you notice your radiant, perfectly moisturized skin come alive.
Enjoy one of each black raspberry & lavender.

Hemp Lotions x2

Made with simple ingredients to moisturize deeply without any of the greasy left overs. This lotion is ideal for smooth silky legs and soft radiant hands. Enjoy one of each lavender & honey oat; perfect for relaxing after a busy day.

Valley Bee Gift Card

A $25.00 gift card for all occasions. Perfect for re-stocking your favourites, or gifting to someone special.


Lavender Deodorant

Stay fresh and feel good about what you are putting on your body.


 Lip Balm x3

For soft, moisturized lips all season long. Enjoy one in mint, vanilla & coconut.


We hope that you love the Spring Summer BUZZ BOX 🐝🍯 as much as we loved putting it together. Grab yours today and cross Mother's Day off your to-do list or spoil yourself with this nurturing box.

We have limited stock 🐝🍯 don't miss out!

Get your hands on the goods while they last!





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