Raw Pollen

What is "raw" pollen?

Raw bee pollen is simply grains of edible flower pollen harvested by honey bees. Bee pollen is what is fed to the young bees! It is considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods as it contains nearly all nutrients required by the human body.

Ways to use pollen

Some ways to consume our pollen:
  • blend into smoothies & shakes
  • sprinkle on yogurt, desserts & salads
  • swallow with water like you would a vitamin tablet
  • stay tuned for blog posts about different ways to enjoy pollen!  

Health Benefits of Raw Pollen


Rich in Protein

Made up of over 40% protein, bee pollen contains more protein than any animal source (it is, after all, a plant-based source of protein since it simply comes from the flowers of plants)!


Prevents Allergies

Consuming bee pollen local to your community is a great way to slowly gain immunity against season allergies! Just make sure you are not allergic to pollen, first (by testing with a very small amount). 


Energy Booster

Say goodbye to caffeine and hello to bee pollen! Many people rave about the energy-boosting quality of pollen, and like to substitute their daily coffee or energy drink with some pollen granules instead. 


Packed with Vitamins

Raw pollen is made up of many other nutritional ingredients, such as amino acids, the entire vitamin B-complex, and folic acid. It is known to boost immune systems and help fight off a variety of illnesses.