Why Us?


Paradis Valley Honey Ltd is a 7th generation family-owned business. We live & operate out of Watino, AB in the Peace Region — a small area in northern Alberta known for its diverse farmland, rolling hills, and winding river valleys.

  •  Location

Located in the Peace Region, a rural area in northern Alberta, we have access to both an abundance of pasture land as well as wildflowers and plants. The pastures consist of alfalfa, red clover, white dutch clover, and alsike clover, all of which give our honey its unique, white, creamy quality. We maintain strong relationships with farmers in the area, as we fully encourage working for each other’s greater good. Great communication ensures our products are of the highest quality for consumers.

  •  Sustainable Provisions From The Hive

By purchasing Paradis Valley Honey products, you are supporting a generational family-owned business that cares deeply about the quality of its products and the relationship with its customers. We, too, like to give back and support fellow small businesses through partnerships & donations. Our “Honey Money” fundraisers also deliver 40% of their profits back to our Canadian communities. Fundraise With Us! 

  • 100% Canadian

True to our slogan, “From our hive to your table”, we never blend our products with other foreign products. Our process and our products are ALWAYS 100% CANADIAN; GUARATEED! We ship our raw honey and pollen across Canada, so no matter where you live in this beautiful country you can enjoy our fresh, raw products. Explore Our Products Today!

  • Raw

The word “raw” is associated with the preservation of essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Paradis Valley Honey’s raw honey is simply the nectar from local flowers: pure, unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed. Both raw honey and raw pollen feature a host of health benefits, from improving digestive health to eliminating seasonal allergies. Read more into the comprehensive reasons why raw honey and pollen are great for your body!

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