The most powerful

single-ingredient food

Raw honey is the only natural, single-ingredient food you can eat, making it one of the most powerful condiments available.

Our honey literally comes straight from our beehive to your table


At Paradis Valley Honey, we are proud and grateful to carry on a family tradition, while using innovation and creativity to bring you and your family honey products for generations to come.

Fundraising Never Felt This Good!



40% profit on all sales! Refer to the earning potential sheet in your fundraising package for more details on this sustainable opportunity.



From hive to table, every time! Our honey is raw, unheated, unpasteurized and produced by a multi-generational beekeeper.



Honey and pollen are household staples. Promote healthy living by supplying people with what they need.

What’s the Buzz!

Taking fundraising to the next level: Make money, save time, choose quality

Taking fundraising to the next level: Make money, save time, choose quality

We were dedicated to creating something better. Strong profit margins and simplicity were at the forefront of our minds as we designed the Honey Money Fundraising process. 

We were very excited to be able to offer healthy, sustainable provisions to families, as well as sneak in some “giving back”, with our foodbank donation add on. A huge part of why Honey Money Fundraising was created, is because we at Paradis Valley Honey, value giving back. 

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7 Health Benefits of Raw Honey

7 Health Benefits of Raw Honey

What is raw honey?  Raw honey comes straight from our beehives to you.  The beekeeper extracts the honey from the honeycombs; the honey is then bottled up and sold. No processing, no altering; raw honey is strictly kept as mother nature intended it. There are numerous...

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