Pop-Up Chef – Long Table Events

Pop-Up Chef – Long Table Events

After a long and somewhat starved harvest this season we were left hungering for something more….  When encountering the difficult years in agriculture we naturally find ourselves pondering the meaning of abundance and crave a deeper understanding of it. After wrestling with the many layers of disappointment within the mind; I had a moment of awakening, in my pantry.

After digging through the food we preserved over the summer; to see what we should have for dinner, I realized that abundance had not left us at all. I rushed out of the pantry with a huge smile on my face chanting the words “we’re rich! we’re rich! we’re rich…… look at all the food we have” <perspective>

I’m coming to realize that abundance is everywhere we are willing to find it. That day I found abundance in the simplicity of sitting around a table, surrounded by good company and a delicious meal. Many in this world don’t have that simple luxury.

The Pop-Up Chef Events hosted at our farm-gate are our way of celebrating simple abundance with you. Delicious food and community connection fill my cup and I saw first hand how they also filled the cups of those who joined us on November 22nd & 23rd for our first events.

Aside from the mindfully decorated long table, intricately prepared food & exquisite mocktails you will find hearty laughter, authentic connection and a genuine sense of belonging. Our small intimate setting guarantees it.

Close up image of forks and knives
A stunning food dish nicely plated
An image of salad and a glass of wine
Image of the table spread ready
A group of people laughing and enjoying a meal together
A group of people laughing and enjoying a meal together


All of our amazing 5 course meals were prepared by talented chef Judy Pigeon. Her use of Paradis Valley Honey in each course highlights the diversity of flavors honey can promote in any dish.

Watch for the announcements of our future Pop-Up Chef Events; we look forward to celebrating simple abundance with you; at our table.


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