Multi-Generational Beekeeping: A Living Legacy

Multi-Generational Beekeeping: A Living Legacy

Can you imagine growing up on a honey bee farm? The buzz of the bees and the sweet taste of honey are just some of the experiences that marked Danny Paradis’ life as a boy growing up with a beekeeper for a father. However, beekeeping is much more than a pleasant childhood memory for Danny, it’s a way of life that has marked his family for generations. 

Today, Paradis Valley Honey proudly carries on the tradition begun many years ago by Danny’s ancestors. The most recent family history tells how great-grandfather, Ulric Paradis, lived in St. Hughes, Quebec and kept bees. There, four of his sons also grew up to be beekeepers. One of them, Charles, was more adventurous than the rest.

Charles Paradis, Danny’s grandfather, moved to Girouxville, Alberta in the 1950s. He loaded up his beehives onto the train and brought them along with him. Here, in Alberta he began his own beekeeping operation and infused innovation into beekeeping practices in the area. He soon grew a successful business known as Paradis and Son. 

However, it wasn’t always easy to maintain healthy colonies in Northern Alberta. After a harsh winter, bee populations are known to suffer. This is not unusual in many areas of Canada, however, Charles was the first to fly in bees from California to replace winter losses. This became common practice for many Canadian beekeepers.


Two beekeepers working extracting honey from hives

Eventually, Danny Paradis decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and begin his own beekeeping business. After marrying his wife, Ginette, the couple purchased their own bee operation in 2003. Bringing passion for bees and a dream of continuing the family tradition, Danny and Ginnette created Paradis Valley Honey in the Watino valley.. 

For her part, Ginnette has brought in novel and fresh ideas that have helped build Paradis Valley Honey’s business. She spearheaded the company’s Honey Money fundraising program, which allows organizations across the country to fundraise sustainably by selling honey and bee pollen. This innovative program promotes a local, healthy, consumable product and offers excellent earnings of 30% for sellers. The fundraising program has quickly grown in popularity and has already helped hundreds of individuals meet their fundraising goals. Ginette is also passionate about building community and has led the charge in opening the Valley Bee Café, a place where you can find Paradis Valley Honey products and enjoy a friendly community atmosphere as you sit down to relax with a delicious beverage and explore the world of bees.

In many ways, Paradis Valley Honey continues to bring the traditions and pure passion from generations of beekeepers into their business. For instance, did you know that in their beekeeping, Paradis Valley Honey continues to use many of the same sustainable techniques that have been used for generations? A family run business, Paradis Valley Honey also brings a history of producing and selling the best quality raw honey available on the market. 

Yet another generation of beekeepers is also curiously learning the family trade and are benefitting from the knowledge of their family’s long history in the industry. Danny & Ginette’s two children ages 17 & 20 can often be found in the bee-yard learning alongside both their father and grandfather. The passion for this long held craft of caring for bees is evident.

In every pack of Paradis Valley Honey, in every speck of bee pollen, in every one of Paradis Valley Honey’s WellBEEing products, you can taste and feel the history of generations of beekeepers who have passed on their knowledge to make these sustainable products possible. Why not try it yourself?

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