Still Blessed! Valley Bee Café’s Fabulous Renovations

Still Blessed! Valley Bee Café’s Fabulous Renovations

Have you had the pleasure of visiting the Valley Bee Café recently? If you have, then you may have noticed some significant changes to our space.

We’ve renovated the café! 

Over the course of two months, we worked hard to re-design the café to better serve our guests and customers. More than ever you can experience our pure passion and raw talent right here at the Valley Bee Café. We re-opened on March 2nd with a larger café seating area, making our service more efficient and spacious to better accommodate all of our guests. 

Owner Ginette Paradis says, “Space has become very valuable this last year with COVID restrictions in place and our renovation gives people more space to enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Wondering what the Valley Bee Café is all about? “When we first started, we envisioned the Valley Bee Café to be a place where guests could experience goods from hive to table as well as enjoy products from other local producers.”


Experience Hive to Table at the Valley Bee Café

Valley Bee Café was created to be a communal space where everyone can enjoy specialty drinks and local provisions while exploring the fascinating world of bees. It has always been about one thing: Sustaining the Canadian economy and bringing awareness of our industry in the process. Education through adventure is what we are all about!

How do we go about that, you ask? Well, when it all began, we aimed to do our part in sustaining the Canadian economy by building business partnerships with other companies that give back with purpose. These businesses are great examples of how striving to give back through business can lead to impactful things. Companies such as:

Black Rifle Coffee Company based out of St. Albert, their objective is to provide high-quality coffee while providing services to the veteran community, including employing veterans in their shops. They also give back to the Little Warriors Organization, a group that is committed to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of child sexual abuse on behalf of children across Canada. 

TeaLife, a Calgary-based company that aims to bring people together, build friendships, connect culture, and assist in bringing healing to the mind and body, all while producing delicious, sustainable, quality loose-leaf tea.

Another way we wanted to help bring awareness to the world of bees was to install an observation window in the Valley Bee Café which allows our guests to peek into the fascinating world of beekeeping. Paradis Valley Honey has always been dedicated to providing Canadian’s with the best quality Grade A raw honey and bee pollen and we love helping you see how we do just that. We are passionate about continuing the traditional, sustainable methods to bring our products to our customers and we want to share our multi-generational knowledge with you and help spread the word about traditional beekeeping! Learn more about the benefits of honey here!

We have an “open window” policy when it comes to our practices, as we strive to maintain an ethical way of doing business in hopes that the beekeeping industry remains sustainable for generations to come.

Be sure to add the  Valley Bee Café to your list of stops this year, come and enjoy some of the great products Albertans are putting on Canadian tables and share a story or two with us while you watch our busy little bees and beekeepers at work..

Some menu items that we think will make you smile: Sip on a Honey Latte or Watino Fog, paired with one of our scrumptious homemade desserts, or fill up on one of our specialty grilled cheeses. Just Yum!


Continued Growth: Follow Our Journey to Phase 2 of Renovations!

We’re not even close to being finished, We have big plans for the future of our apiary and having you enjoy the journey with us.

We’re sure that the larger café seating area we’ve already built will help propel the Valley Bee Café into a future full of growth and will allow us to offer our customers an even greater experience.. Ginette shared, “We have been pleasantly surprised with the growth our agri-tourism café has had and we now feel even better equipped to move forward to accommodate further future growth.”

In addition, we’re already working full force on phase two of our development. “Phase two is going to be very exciting for us and for our visitors. Launching phase 2 of the project in June will add an entire fresh layer of exploring, education, and adventure for our guests. I don’t want to spoil all the goodness but let’s just say that our generational story will come to life for guests and the experience within the beehive and the life of the beekeeper will be something guests will be able to jump right into. Our goal was to have something new for visitors’ eyes to see every time they visit. Phase two has layers upon layers of things to learn & explore to keep guests coming back time and time again,” says Ginette.

We will officially be classified as an Economusee when the second phase rolls around; which is kind of a big deal!!. “Knowing that people believe in us and our vision to educate through adventure continues to be very encouraging. We can’t wait to share all of this ongoing journey with our guests,” says Ginette..

We are very excited about the upcoming phase 2 of our project upgrade and we can’t wait to share the experience with you.


Come Visit Us!

We are beyond thrilled to be welcoming guests into our café once again. We invite you to check out our spacious agri-tourism cafe;  enjoy a tea or coffee sweetened with our very own Paradis Valley Honey and safely explore the adventurous world of bees!!

We look forward to seeing you and making your day a little sweeter!

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